Generate Context Sensitive Documentation

If your team makes software, you can provide a great experience for users by easily giving them access to the information they need straight from your app. There are a few different options for creating context sensitive documentation, depending on how your app provides access to help.

Link From Your App to Your Help Site

If you created your documentation using Scroll Versions, you can give users instant access to meaningful documentation on your public space right from your app. In Scroll Versions, you can create unique URLs which to embed as buttons or links within your app. These links will always work, even as you publish newer versions of your documentation. This helps combine your user interface and documentation for a rich information experience.

For example:

If a user is on the "Create an Account" screen in your app and taps the "Help" button you've added, they're taken to the "Creating an Account" page on your help site. When they discover their solution, they can quickly move back to your app and move on.

Learn more about context-sensitive help in Scroll Versions.


Learn more about Scroll Versions.

Embed Documentation in Your App

If your app has in-app help, you can use Scroll exporters to bring your Confluence content directly into the user interface. With Scroll exporters, you can export your documentation in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Compiled HTML Help
  • DocBook
  • EclipseHelp

Learn more about Scroll Exporters.

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