Display Your Documentation Online

There are many approaches for publishing your documentation on the internet. The great thing with the web is that publishing is immediate and the content is dynamic, so it can scale for the size of the screen on which it's displayed.

Make Your Space a Public Help Site

The simplest way to share your documentation online is to make your publishing space publicly accessible. This is done by setting up anonymous access on your Confluence site, and in the publishing space. 

This approach provides quick access to your documentation but doesn't allow for customization like SEO optimization and theming. Consider this approach as a way to get started sharing your documentation, but improve it in the future using some of the other approaches for creating a full help site experience.

Export Your Space as Basic HTML

If you have a publishing tool that can use raw HTML pages, you may want to export all the pages in your publishing space as HTML files.

To export your space as an HTML file, use the HTML Export included in Confluence. These pages include all content from each page, including comments.

This approach is great for getting raw HTML for the pages in your space, but requires a lot of work cleaning up the content, theming it, and recreating some macros which don't export well.

Export Your Space as an HTML Help Site with Scroll HTML Exporter

To export your space as a full HTML site you can put on your web server, complete with theme and search, use Scroll HTML Exporter.

When exporting using Scroll HTML Exporter, you can:

  • Determine the pages included in the site
  • Create multiple custom themes
  • Enable quick exports with defined settings using export schemes


Learn more about Scroll HTML Exporter.

Theme your Public Confluence Cloud Space as a Help Site

If your team publishes your documentation from a Confluence Cloud space, you can do limited content theming using Refined Spaces for Confluence Cloud. Though using a space on Confluence Cloud doesn't provide as many content publishing options, the Refined Spaces app provides some great tools for theming the space to look more like a help site.

Scroll Viewport is available on Confluence Cloud. Find out more about this solution and how you can use it to present your Confluence Cloud content as a public help center.

Theme Your Public Space as a Help Site with Scroll Viewport

For a "best of both worlds" approach, use Scroll Viewport to keep your documentation in a publishing space but display it as a help site using a completely custom theme. Scroll Viewport is handy because your documentation still lives in a Confluence space, which you can update rapidly in the normal Confluence editor using your preferred method for versioning. Rather than your publishing space looking like the standard Confluence theme, you can create a custom help site experience for your users.

With Scroll Viewport you can:

  • Theme every scrap of your space using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Give users access to multiple versions created in Scroll Versions using a version picker, depending on your setup
  • Give users access to multiple languages created in Scroll Translations using a language picker
  • Integrate with Scroll Exporters to add a button for users to download any page in your space as a document for offline reading.

This site is written completely in Confluence using Scroll Viewport. Check out examples of other sites using Scroll Viewport.


Learn more about Scroll Viewport.

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