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Making Confluence space(s) public is a great first step in sharing your documentation, but it's not an ideal experience for users in several ways:

  • URL – Confluence page URLs are intended to be internal facing, so they can appear strange to external users.

  • Branding – There aren't many options for modifying Confluence to fit your brand which can lead to mistrust of your content.

  • Navigation – While navigating multiple Confluence spaces is very natural for authors, it can feel unintuitive and disconnected to users.

Unify Your Content as a Help Center

To make your documentation accessible and useful to your users, you can turn your Confluence space(s) into a full-on help center. A help center is a cohesive online experience with a portal page, site-wide search, and simple navigation within a beautiful theme. Having a proper help center benefits your team by:

  • Increasing user happiness by enabling them to find the answers they're looking for.
  • Reducing costs and increasing efficiency by deflecting support tickets.
  • Showcasing your organization as a hub of useful knowledge.

You can use Scroll Viewport to turn one or more Confluence spaces into a beautiful help center. This is done by creating a new view of your space content known as a viewport. A viewport displays all the same space content within a customizable theme using a custom URL.

The Help Center Theme

The Help Center theme included with Scroll Viewport can be set up and customized in a matter of minutes. Visual changes are made by modifying the theme settings, so your team doesn't need any development skills to create a branded experience. The content displayed in the theme is delivered directly from the space in Confluence, so your team can modify the messaging and titles throughout.

All images and text can be managed in Conflunence

  1. Root space title
  2. Excerpt macro on the home page of the root space
  3. Member space title
  4. Member space description

To create a unified help experience, add multiple spaces to the help center by creating a viewport for each one. This will allow you to show help documentation for multiple products on the same help center, making it easy for your users to find what they're looking for.

Scroll Viewport is currently available on Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center. You can find it on the Atlassian Marketplace, and try it free for 30-days.


K15t loves being one of the many teams using the Help Center theme for our help center. Check out some help center examples to get inspiration for what your team can create:


You can customize the colors, images, navigation and layout of your help center to create an online help experience that is unique to your brand.

Some customizations affect the appearance of the entire site, like changing the colors and links in the header and footer.

A customized viewport theme.

Another customized viewport theme.

You also have more granular controls that affect how select pages are handled using Confluence tools like labels and macros. For example, you can improve the SEO for individual pages using a macro to customize the metadata that's passed to search engines.


You can add integrations to your help center to provide users a rich experience and to help your team improve your content over time.

Customer Support

Sometimes documentation doesn't have the answers users are looking for. No worries, you can then point your users in the right direction by integrating your customer support system. Embed popular customer support systems such as Jira Service Desk Cloud and Zendesk to complete the help journey for your users.


To understand which pieces of content users find most useful, integrate your help center with Google Analytics. Over time, you'll be able to improve your content with the knowledge of how your users consume it.


Scroll Viewport Server and Data Center works together with Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations so your users can select their preferred version, variant, and language to read. Scroll Viewport also works with Gliffy, Diagrams, Open API Documentation for Confluence, and many other popular apps.


Learn more about Scroll Viewport.

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