Enhance Content Reuse with Scroll Versions

If you use Scroll Versions for Confluence, you can manage an include library with multiple versions and languages. Included with Scroll Versions are the Excerpt Include+ and Include+ macros. These macros replace and enhance the functionality of the Excerpt Include and Page Include macros included with Confluence with some powerful additions to help you reuse your content.

Adding Reusable Content

As you write, you can select which space you want to include content from using the Include+ macro in Scroll Versions. The language and version of the content is automatically determined based on the language and version you're writing in.

Reviewing Included Content

When enabled, reused content is visually highlighted when viewing a page in the Confluence editor. You can quickly hover over the content to see the name and version of the page in your include library and click a link to go directly to the page. For each page in your include library, you can see where in your documentation it is reused.

Versions and Translation Setup

When setting up your include library in Scroll Versions, you can map the versions of your documentation space content with versions of your include library content. This ensures the proper version of your reusable content is included in each version of your documentation. In the same way, you'll also map any languages between the two spaces so team members translating in German can include the proper German content from your include library.

For more about translated content, visit the Multiple Languages section of Rock the Docs.


Learn more about Scroll Versions for Confluence.

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