Hide Content on Each Page

To only display the appropriate variant for a given user you can use content hiding macros. This can be a great option if you have a help site where users log in, like for internal documentation, so you know what content to display to them.

For this approach, you can enter any varying content within one or more content hiding macros on a page and then set each macro to only display for certain users. If users log in, you can filter on the user's profile or permissions. To control content display, you can make your own user macro that hides content or get a macro from Atlassian Marketplace, like Visibility for Confluence.

Keep in Mind

  • This won't work if you export content for publishing, since content for all variations will display
  • You can't hide entire pages that are part of a variant
  • All users must log into your help site and have profiles or permissions that indicate the content variant they want to see
  • User licenses may include a recurring cost
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