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How can I get technical assistance during the evaluation?

Should you experience any technical issues while evaluating any of our products, please contact our technical support team.

Which countries can purchase apps from the Atlassian Marketplace?

The Atlassian Marketplace is available worldwide, with the following exceptions: Countries the Atlassian Marketplace is not available in.

Will I be contacted by K15t Software during my trial?

We'll never call you or bug you directly. You can expect to receive a few short emails which are designed to help you get up to speed with our products.

Can I extend my free app trial?

Yes. We follow Atlassian’s policy on extending app evaluation licenses obtained through Atlassian’s Marketplace. If you obtained your evaluation license key there, please extend it through the Marketplace. You can do this by generating a new evaluation license key on the Atlassian Marketplace and copying it into the app management screen, in the product’s Administration section.

Alternatively, if you remove your expiring evaluation license from the Universal Plugin Manager, the “Free Trial” button will be re-enabled, and you can generate a new evaluation license from there.

How do I get an account so I can buy apps?

Your MyAtlassian login is also your Atlassian Marketplace account. If you don't have a MyAtlassian account, simply create one and then log in to the Atlassian Marketplace.

What happens when my 30-day trial is over?

To continue using Confluence, you'll need to purchase a commercial or academic license and replace your evaluation license with it.

What is the Atlassian Marketplace?

Atlassian has replaced the Atlassian Plugin Exchange with the Atlassian Marketplace. The Marketplace makes it easier for vendors to sell their apps, and easier for you to find and install them.


I have Confluence or Jira for 500 users, but want one of your apps for only 25 users. Can I buy an app license for 25 users?

You will have to buy a 500-user license. The number of app-licensed users has to be equal to or greater than the number of Confluence or Jira-licensed users.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The Atlassian Marketplace doesn't allow apps to have lower license tiers than the host license.
  2. If it were possible to offer app licenses for smaller numbers of users, the app licenses themselves would need to be significantly more expensive. Otherwise, app development and high quality support would not be sustainable.

After my maintenance period expires, can I keep using an app?

This depends on your deployment.

If you have a Server installation, your license doesn't expire. However, support and updates won't be available until you renew your maintenance period. To do so, please log in to your MAC account at If you're unable to renew it via the Atlassian Marketplace, please email our sales team at

Apps for Cloud and Data Center are licensed on a subscription, recurring monthly or annually. Support and version updates are provided as long as your subscription is active. Once your subscription is cancelled, you will no longer be able to use an app until you reactivate it at

Does K15t Software offer any discounts?

We don't offer discounts. We prefer setting our prices as low as we can from the start, so you're always crystal-clear on what you're buying and how much it costs. Our goal is to make awesome applications available at great prices, and to treat every customer equally.

I have a community / open source license, can I also get a community / open source license for K15t Software apps for free?

Yes. If you qualify for a Confluence community license, you qualify for an app license, too. App community / open source licenses only work with Confluence. Please email to apply for a free community or open source license for our apps.

I have an incompatibility issue after renewing Confluence. How can I solve this?

Due to changes Atlassian made to the 500 and 2000 user tiers, you might get this error after renewing Confluence: "Incompatible with product license (wrong type)".

If you have this issue using your valid app license after renewing your Confluence maintenance in the 500 user or 2000 user tier, you might need to update your app's license as follows:

  1. Update your Confluence's UPM.
    (This might already fix your issue).
  2. Log in to your account. 
  3. Copy your app license key.
  4. Update the license key in Confluence.

If this doesn't fix the issue, please contact

I don't have any Atlassian software installed, but I want to use K15t Software's apps. What do I need to do?

You need Confluence or Jira to use our products. We're certified Atlassian Solution Partners, and have helped hundreds of companies implement the Atlassian tool stack. We'd be happy to do the same for you! Please email our team for more information:

I want to purchase a license for Atlassian software, or for app such as K15t Software's products. What do I need to do?

You may order a license directly via the Atlassian Marketplace. If you are looking for help implementing Atlassian tools in your organization, you've come to the right place. Learn more about our Atlassian Solution Partner services here.

How do I receive my license key after buying an app?

Please log in to your MAC (My.Atlassian.Com) account. Make sure you login with the technical contact email address you provided when buying the app. Your licenses will be listed there.

How can I renew maintenance and how does it work?

To renew maintenance for your license, please log in to your MAC account at If you're unable to renew via the Atlassian Marketplace, please email our sales team at Please note that when you renew your maintenance, the 12-month period starts from the expiration date of your last active maintenance period, not the renewal date.

Why should I renew my app maintenance?

We constantly improve and update our software. Renewing your maintenance period gives you access to the latest product features, bug fixes, security updates, and our technical support.

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