Product Discovery

December 10, 2019

Join our two product experts as they share with you everything they know about discovering products and making them successful.

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Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig

Product Coach

Tim Herbig Holistic Product Management

About the Talk

Everybody’s talking about how Minimal Viable Products are a fast way to fail. What’s often missed is the chance to validate the most critical assumptions even before producing the first line of code for the product. Especially during the ongoing split between discovery and delivery dual tracks, you as a Product Manager are forced to validate continually even without the man power of your development team.

This is why I want to talk about the huge impact waste-less validation techniques can have on the product development process and how to handle qualitative and quantitative methods.

By using real-life cases, the goal of this talk is to reveal how you can check whether the desired outcome of a new product idea is realistic and feasible.

About Tim

Tim is a passionate product leader, speaker, and author of the book ‘Lateral Leadership: A Practical Guide for Agile Product Managers.’ He previously held product roles in companies such as XING, Gruner+Jahr, and multiple startups. In addition to his devotion to enabling companies to build better teams and products, he’s also the co-organizer of the Product Tank Hamburg meetup series.

Self-Managed Teams: When Your Cars Can Drive Themselves, Why Not Your Teams?

Anshuman Dash

Anshuman Dash

Product Manager


About the Talk

In September 2018, K15t took its mission to go self-managed to the next-level when the entire company worked together to decide on the Next Big Thing™ to build for Atlassian users and present it at Summit in Las Vegas.

In this session, Anshuman Dash, an intern turned software engineer, turned product manager, shares his journey of professional self-discovery. Within five months, he joined a freshly assembled, self-managed team and built a brand-new Atlassian Marketplace app.

Dash will give a quick intro to what it means for a team to be self-managed. Then, he'll share his observations and experiences of being in the team, as well as the best-practices, patterns, and processes K15t has discovered along the way.

Whether you are part of a new team with a kick-ass product idea or a big company figuring out ways to scale, this talk will provide you with practical tips and ideas you and your team can try out!

About Dash

Anshuman is the Product Manager for K15t's Scroll Documents app. After working for five years in India, he moved to Germany to pursue his master's degree, interned at K15t, fell in love with the company, and decided to stay a little longer than originally planned.

Driven by a desire to solve problems and a fondness for technology, Anshuman can be found navigating his path of professional self-discovery, building awesome apps for the Atlassian ecosystem and discovering new avenues for creative expression. 

When he's not burning his brain cells over the next cool feature to build, Anshuman spends his free time struggling to learn German, doing some front-end development, drinking espresso, and even writing poetry every now and then!

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