K15t Solution Forum 2019

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26th June 2019 | Stuttgart, Germany

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A day around Atlassian Solutions

Join us for our K15t Solution Forum on June 26th, 2019

Talk with experts about Jira and Confluence and share experience on how to improve the use of Atlassian software in your organization. Meet Atlassian users, admins, and 12 Atlassian app vendors in Stuttgart.

A day around Atlassian Solutions

Get Inspired by experts

Get firsthand information on how to adapt Jira and Confluence to your environment and way of working. K15t and other Marketplace app vendors will present solutions to make your Atlassian products even more effective .

Learn from experience

Get inspired by the ideas and uses cases of others. Our customers will talk about their challenges, acceptance, expansion, and integration of Atlassian software within their organizations .

Build your network

Meet other Atlassian users from different industries and company sizes. Exchange ideas and experiences to take back to your team around the use of Atlassian software.

Seats are limited.

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Here's what you can expect at the K15t Solution Forum 2019



08:30 - 09:00


Data Center is our self-managed enterprise edition that provides the reliability and compliance your organization demands and the infrastructure to stay ahead of team growth. Organizations choose Data Center to effectively grow and scale.

In this session, we'll focus on the new features we are bringing to our Data Center offering. You'll learn how we're making individual teams more productive, the investments we're making to support you scaling your teams, applications, and infrastructure, and how we're setting you up for the next chapter of growth with Atlassian.


Networking & discussions

09:45 - 10:00


Wenn Teams in einem Unternehmen auf unterschiedlichen Jira-Instanzen arbeiten bedeutet das nicht nur verpasste Kollaborationsmöglichkeiten sondern auch einen doppelten Pflegeaufwand. Doch mehrere Jira Instanzen zu vereinen, erfordert gute Planung und ist nicht trivial.

Pascal wird in einer Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung erklären wie sie von der Analyse bis zum Testen eine Verschmelzung zweier Instanzen durchführen. Lernen Sie, mit Fallstricken wie gemeinsame Benutzernamen, Projekt Keys, Schemas, Apps, und vieles mehr umzugehen, um am Ende erfolgreich auf einem Jira gemeinsam an Projekten arbeiten zu können.

Use Case

Bye bye Excel - Asset Management in Confluence 🇩🇪

Henning Hauschel, CompData

10:00 - 10:40 | Raum 2

Are you struggling with:

  • Coordinating work with distributed teams/team members?
  • Understanding cross-team dependencies?
  • Visualising the impact of those dependencies on Feature or Epic completion?

In this session, Teagan from Easy Agile is going to walk through one alternative to how organisations can better plan and manage Programs of work in Jira.


In this session we’ll show how Structure app for Jira can help formalize and improve the existing business processes, start tracking their efficiency while managing risks inherent to project management: procedural, financial and human.


Networking & discussions

10:40 - 11:00


Technical Session

Öffentliches Jira und Privates Jira - Eine perfekte Verbindung 🇩🇪

11:00 - 11:40 | Raum 1

Use Case

Die New Work Evolution bei K15t 🇩🇪

Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, K15t

11:00 - 11:40 | Raum 2


App Vendor: Deiser


11:20 - 11:40 | Raum 3


Networking & discussions

11:40 - 12:00


Technical Session

Skalieren mit Kanban Flight Levels in Jira 🇩🇪

Bastian Wedler, metamorphant

12:00 - 12:40 | Raum 1

Alleine die Worte „prozessorientiertes Qualitätsmanagement-System“ können für ein einschlafendes Gesicht oder Panikattacken sorgen. Ein Unternehmen gem. einer internationalen Norm zu zertifizieren, bedeutet vor allem viel Dokumentation und viele Prozesse. Wie man trotzdem angstfrei und entspannt bleiben kann, zeigt die Agentur für Business Coaching GmbH gemeinsam mit ihren besten Freunden: Confluence und Jira.

It's time to ditch clunky document management systems, break down content silos, and extend Confluence to teams who still rely on traditional document formats. Confluence is great for creating and managing content, but there are still a few drawbacks when it comes to traditional document management. In this workshop, we'll show you how to better manage documents in Confluence and completely modernize your process with features like document versioning, templating, and exporting to Word and PDF. So whether you're a development team putting together requirements documents, a legal team who manages contracts, or an HR team collaborating on an employee handbook in Confluence, we'll show you the best approach to managing these documents in Confluence.


Implementing clean infrastructure in a collaboration tool can drastically improve processes, increase adoption and make the user feel smart. Join Refined to learn how Refined apps provide the infrastructure to transform Confluence and Jira Service Desk into clean, branded and easy to navigate platforms so that users walk away feeling smart!


Networking & discussions

12:40 - 14:00


Im Jahre 2018 stellte die IGEL Technology GmbH ihre komplette Technische Dokumentation auf enlite um. In diesem Vortrag soll es darum gehen, was dieser Systemwechsel so mit sich brachte: Migration der vorhandenen Daten; Gestaltung des neuen Doku-Portals; Anpassung unserer redaktionellen Konzepte und Prozesse; laufende Optimierung des Systems.

App Vendor: DRAW.IO


14:00 - 14:20 | Raum 2

eazyBI is a very powerful BI tool with charts and dashboards for custom Jira reporting.


Single Sign-On bietet Unternehmen zahlreiche Vorteile. Integrieren Sie Ihre existierende zentrale Benutzerdatenbank und übernehmen so Sicherheitsmechanismen wie 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung um bei Audits eine gute Figur zu machen. Erlauben Sie externen Beratern Zugriff ohne viele IT-Ressourcen in Userverwaltung zu stecken ohne Kompromisse bei der Sicherheit einzugehen.

Die Tempo Produkt Flotte bietet Lösungen im Bereich der Zeiterfassung, der Resourcenverwaltung und der finanziellen Budgetverwaltung an und ergänzt damit Jira zu dem Werkzeug für das Projekt management. In dem Vortrag werden die von Tempo bereitgestellten Anwendungsfälle präsentiert und der Mehrwert für unsere Kunden aufgezeigt.


Networking & discussions

14:40 - 15:00


Technical Session

Leitfaden: Atlassian Produkte sicher installieren und konfigurieren 🇩🇪

Matthias Jupe, K15t

15:00 - 15:40 | Room 1

Talk about using Confluence as a learning management system (LMS) with Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence App. You will see how you can use Confluence for onboarding new hires, certification, education, employee training, checking the level of skills, and evaluating how well people understand processes and know products they work with.

App Vendor: XpandIT


15:00 - 15:20 | Raum 3


App Vendor: K15t

Help Desk 🇩🇪

David Majninger, K15t

15:20 - 15:40 | Raum 2

Leverage ITSM to empower service teams with a way to manage requests, predict demand and respond quickly and efficiently to incidents and problems. Give all customers access to fast, accurate service and the opportunity to avoid wait times by solving problems themselves, whether they need to change a server or a light bulb.


Networking & discussions

15:40 - 16:00


Digital transformation is an easy buzz phrase thrown around. But this change impacts people, ways of working, tools, trust, and culture. Having been at Atlassian for nearly 10 years, accompanied with knowledge of their customer challenges and industry trends Sherif will be sharing how Atlassian has evolved (not transformed) over the last 15 years and embraced digital tooling to enhance an open culture.


Benjamin Magro image

Benjamin Magro

Product Manager Data Center Apps


About Benjamin

Sherif Mansour image

Sherif Mansour

Distinguished Product Manager


About Sherif

Stefan Kleineikenscheidt image

Stefan Kleineikenscheidt



About Stefan

Anshuman Dash image

Anshuman Dash

Product Manager for Scroll Documents


About Anshuman

Alexander Eck image

Alexander Eck

Customer Success Manager


About Alexander

Egor Tasa image

Egor Tasa

Support Engineer

ALM works

About Egor

Genevieve Blanch image

Genevieve Blanch

Partner Manager


About Genevieve

Jorge Merino image

Jorge Merino

Product Specialist


About Jorge

Katerina Kolina image

Katerina Kolina

Product Owner at StillSoft


About Katerina

Mārtiņš Vanags image

Mārtiņš Vanags

Support Consultant


About Mārtiņš

Matthias Jupe image

Matthias Jupe



About Matthias

Nicolas Ermrich image

Nicolas Ermrich


Agentur für Business Coaching

About Nicolas

Pascal Offenhäuser image

Pascal Offenhäuser



About Pascal

Simon Herd image

Simon Herd



About Simon

Stefanie Bayer image

Stefanie Bayer

Verfahrens- und Qualitätsingenieurin

Bosch Healthcare Solutions

About Stefanie

Teagan Harbride image

Teagan Harbride

Product Manager


About Teagan

Tobias Theobald image

Tobias Theobald



About Tobias

Marketplace App Partners

Meet all these Atlassian Marketplace App vendors in Stuttgart

Get the most out of Confluence and Jira with Marketplace Apps. We've invited all these app vendors for you to explore their solutions to make your teams even more productive.

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Illustration Solution Forum


Solution Forum 2019
Solution Forum 2019


Design Offices Stuttgart Tower
Schelmenwasenstraße 37
70567 Stuttgart

By car

If you come by car, take the A8 and B27 towards Stuttgart Center - Exit Fasanenhof. You'll find free parking on the side strip.

As parking space is usually rare, we recommend you use the Park + Ride Parkhaus Albstrasse Degerloch - directly at B27. From there, you can ride U-Bahn U6 to the Fasanenhof/Schelmenwasen station

By bus and train

Design Offices are easily reachable by public transportation. Use  U-Bahn U6. Station Fasanenhof/Schelmenwasen

From here, it's a 30 meter walk.

By Plane

From Stuttgart  airport,  use the city train (S-Bahn) S2 or S3 to Echterdingen.  Change to bus 77 (towards Degerloch) Station ENBW-City.

From there, it's a 250 meter walk.

Event Dates

K15t Solution Forum 2019

Your day for Atlassian solutions


26th June 2019


From 9:00h


Design Offices Stuttgart Tower
Schelmenwasenstraße 37
70567 Stuttgart

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