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Confluence elements such as tables, admonition ({info}, {note}, {tip}, {warning}) macros as well as {code} and {panel} are rendered as special formatted Word tables.

Confluence Elements

Formatted Word Tables

Since Scroll Office 2.2 you can define those table styles directly in the template.

Creating custom table styles

To create a custom table style configure a new table style in Word.

To allow Scroll Office using your style for the specific Confluence elements please apply the following names:

  • Scroll Table Normal
  • Scroll Info
  • Scroll Note
  • Scroll Tip
  • Scroll Warning
  • Scroll Code
  • Scroll Panel

Referencing different table styles

In general the Scroll Table Normal style will be applied to all Confluence tables. If you use tables for different purposes or in other words with different semantic you can use the {scroll-tablelayout} macro.

Therefore the {scroll-tablelayout} must define the style property, which references the name of the Word table style. The following example illustrates how to use the {scroll-tablelayout} macro to apply a table style called My Custome Table Style}.

Specifying alternative style
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  1. Unknown User (someone8978547)


    Looks that Export to Word not read Table Style Options from Word template.

    If I create new table in Word following options are selected: Header Row, Banded Rows and First Column but if I export wiki page to Word only Banded Rows option is selected in tables.

    Can you tell me how to fix this problem? Also I think that is good idea add possibility select Table Stype Options using {scroll-tablelayout} macro.

    1. Hi Olli,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Header Row, Banded Rows and First Columns should be selected according to the wiki table when exporting a table.

      1) header should be highlighted as defined in the template

      2) first column should be highlighted as defined in the template

      Of course you can combine those settings.

      If this does not work for you, please create a support ticket at or by sending a mail to


      • Tobias
  2. Unknown User (jwesely)

    The text in the tables is always formatted in Times new Roman although there is another font defined in the table style- any idea what could cause this?

    1. Hi Jörg,

      Which version of Scroll Office are you using. I know that there was a problem problem regarding font handling in tables. The issue was fixed in Scroll Office 2.5.2 Scroll Office 2.5.2. If you still have a problem using the latest version please contact our support team via