Introducing Scroll CHM Exporter for Confluence

We’re delighted to introduce you to the latest member of the Scroll add-ons family. Meet our all-new Scroll CHM Exporter for Confluence.

Let’s get to know this helpful new add-on a little better.

Scroll CHM Exporter

Visitors to our booth at the tcworld Conference enjoyed a sneak preview of Scroll CHM Exporter. This add-on for Confluence allows you to use your wiki content to create context-sensitive help for Windows applications.

The Compiled HTML Help format (CHM) – although now 17 years old – is still widely used to provide context-sensitive support for Windows applications. So we decided to develop this Confluence add-on, the seventh in the Scroll Exporter series. Now, you can publish Confluence content to a native CHP help file – with just a few clicks.

Context-Sensitive Help for Windows Applications

You can use Scroll CHM Exporter to create standalone CHM files – and these work perfectly well. But what makes this help format truly unique is the ability to embed CHM files into your Windows applications. Users can simply press the F1 key to bring up the relevant help documentation on screen.

What’s more, you can use this context-sensitive help feature with Scroll Versions’ Page Key functionality. This enables you to define unique page identifiers for each Confluence page to be linked from your Windows application’s user interface.

Please note: Choose an integer number when setting a page key, as CHM’s context-sensitive help feature is limited to numerical page IDs only.

And That's Not All...

There are many more exciting features just waiting to be discovered. Take a look at our in-depth Scroll CHM Exporter Release Notes, and find out how you can get started with this single-source publishing add-on for Confluence.


Meet the latest member of the Scroll Exporter family
Download the Scroll CHM Exporter from the Atlassian Marketplace and enjoy a free, 30-day trial.

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