Pro Tip: Keeping Both Confluence's Default PDF Export Link and Scroll PDF Exporter

Is it possible to have the built-in PDF export option and the Scroll PDF Exporter link available simultaneously in Confluence's Tools menu?

Yes, it's actually quite easy to provide both PDF export methods. Learn how in this pro tip.

Using Scroll PDF Exporter and the Confluence PDF Export Link Side by Side

Before our customers decide they need advanced export options and professional styling for their PDF export, they have often already spent a lot of time customizing the built-in PDF export template from Confluence. Have all of these time-consuming CSS template hacks become obsolete?

Some users may be accustomed to this very basic export method or to the resulting PDF document's style. They would be happy if there was an option to carry on exporting Confluence content the "old-fashioned way".

When the big day arrives, and Scroll PDF Exporter is deployed to Confluence, you can provide the built-in PDF export option concurrently – or even just for a transition period, until everyone has learned the benefits of Scroll PDF Exporter.

A small tweak by a Confluence administrator is all that is necessary.

How to Get There


Update: The following information refers to Scroll PDF Exporter 3.x. If you want to use Scroll PDF Exporter and the default PDF exporter side-by-side, please refer to this documentation page for further information.

To re-enable the built-in PDF export link above Scroll PDF Exporter, simply perform the following steps:

  1. As a Confluence administrator, click the cog icon at top right of the screen and select Add-ons.
  2. Select the Scroll PDF Exporter add-on and click 115 of 116 modules enabled.
    The plugin modules are displayed.
  3. Scroll down to PDF Link Overwrite and click Disable.
  4. Return to your Confluence page, and reload it.

That's it! Now both export options are available in the Tools menu: the Confluence PDF Export (having no icon), and the Scroll PDF Exporter – indicated by a little PDF icon.

Confluence users who prefer to export PDFs the "old-fashioned way" will be happy again. At the same time, everyone can benefit from the advanced PDF export functionality provided by our Scroll PDF Exporter add-on.

Not yet using Scroll PDF Exporter to create professionally-styled PDF exports from Confluence?

Download this add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace, and enjoy a free 30-day trial. If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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