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How to use Export Schemes - blueprints for your exports

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We at K15t Software use Confluence for everything: to share news and knowledge in-house, for external communications and our website, to collaborate with customers, to manage our documentation, to create quotations for our services, and even for employee contracts.

All these different kinds of documents need to have their own individual appearance when exported to PDF and printed.

With Scroll Exporters versions 2.x, entering the correct export settings used to take a great many clicks. And so we sat down and thought about how we could make this easier for users. The result: the Scroll Export Schemes. With these, you can export Confluence content just the way you want it: defined once and exported in about two clicks. See the screencast at the bottom to see how it works in detail, and how you benefit.

Before Export Schemes – click after click after click

Gone are the days of endless clicks and multiple printouts due to choosing the wrong export settings. Export Schemes not only save time, they also cut out the hassle. We've developed Export Schemes to accelerate and simplify the task of exporting content with our Scroll Exporters. If you are one of our longstanding customers, you may remember that exporting content with versions 2.x could be a bit of a headache. Although you were able to use multiple templates, each additional setting had to be performed manually for each export.

To overcome this drawback, we developed version 3.0 of our Scroll Exporters and implemented Export Schemes. Exporting has never been so simple. You can now do the job in just one click: you no longer have to click your way through all the export settings to ensure your content is output just the way you want it.

Another big advantage of Export Schemes is that it allows you to work iteratively. For example, you might find you need to change the Export Scheme. Now that's no problem at all: Space Admins can directly alter the settings of an Export Scheme in the export dialog and overwrite the previous settings after exporting. The changes are then saved immediately and can be used in line with the Export Scheme’s defined scope.

Scroll Export Schemes – Similar to Confluence Blueprints

Export Schemes are similar to the Blueprints functionality in Confluence, that allows to create new pages with different elements within a few clicks.

Confluence Administrators and Space Administrators are able to define multiple Export Schemes, either per space or globally for the whole Confluence system. These Export Schemes include all of the settings needed to export your Confluence content to the desired output format.

Three key benefits of Export Schemes

  1. Consistency: Export settings are saved once and are then available to all of your Confluence users.
  2. Accuracy: You can define exactly how the content is exported.
  3. Adaptability: Changes can be made directly after exporting.

That's all, folks. Have fun working with Export Schemes to export professionally styled documents.