Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5 Released

Today we're happy to announce the availability of Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5. This release has some new features and a bunch of bugfixes.

Import, Export and Copy Templates

With Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5 it is possible to import, export and copy templates your existing templates.

New Replacements

In Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5 we introduce three new replacements to use in your templates:

  • $globalLogo - This replacement allows you to display the global Confluence logo in your exports.
  • $siteTitle - This replacement allows you to display the site's title which appears on the browser title bar in your exports.
  • $dateTimeFormatter.format - You can now define a standard date format in your template, depending on a certain language for example.

Improved Macro Compatibility

Using Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5 we now have a better compatibility of two macros:

  • {numberedheadings}-macro: The heading numbering generated by the {numberedheadings}-macro are suppressed as Scroll PDF Exporter provide their own numbering.
  • {display-footnotes}-macro: The CSS included in Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5 improves the output of the {display-footnotes}-macro from Adaptavist.

For more information about Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5, please refer to the official release notes.

Update: In the meantime Scroll PDF Exporter 2.5.1 is also available with some bugfixing concerning the import, export and copy templates-functionality.

 Try Scroll PDF Exporter for free with a 30-day eval.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at

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