Scroll Office 2.4 Released: Export Referenced Attachments

Information November 7, 2018

Please note, that the functionality described in this blog post has been removed in Scroll Office 3.0, due to technical limitations we were runnning into.

We're tracking a similar functionality in our public Jira system here: EXP-344

Please sign up to our JIRA (via in order to watch, comment and/or vote on this issue. We'll then send a notification for every status update.

Today we're happy to introduce the availability of a new feature. Using the export option Export Attachments, Scroll Office Enhanced Word Exporter 2.4 generates a ZIP file containing both the Word document and all referenced attachments.

When writing process documentation or project documentation it is a common use case to reference additional information such as presentations, very large diagrams or other native documents. So far this information was referenced by a hyperlink in the exported Word document pointing to your Confluence Wiki.

To share this information with the target audience of your exported Word documentation we introduce a new feature in Scroll Office Enhanced Word Exporter 2.4.

Now, the UI offers a new option called Export Attachments. Enabling this option a ZIP file is generated. This ZIP file contains both the exported document as well as the referenced attachments.

All attachments are referenced by relativ hyperlinks in the Word document and opened on click.

For more information please refer to the official release notes or just give it a try.

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