Compatibility Notice - Confluence 4 and Scroll Exporters

Today, Atlassian released Confluence 4 - a great release with the awesome new rich-text-editor. The changes for the new editor also result in an incompatibility with our exporter plugins, which means we have to migrate our exporter plugins to work with Confluence 4. The good news first: Confluence 4-compatibility will be coming soon.

We already have completed the migration of Scroll Office and Scroll Wiki Exporters to Confluence 4 successfully, and are currently ironing out the remaining bugs. We expect the final release to be available in the next few weeks.

In order to be updated about Confluence 4 compatibility of the plugins, please go to our forums and subscribe to the forum for the plugin you are interested in. You will then get automatically get an email, when a Confluence 4-compatible version of the plugin has been released.

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